The Arch of Janus project - Rome

The Arch of Janus, also known as the Arch of Constantine, is a four-sided arch is located in the Forum Boarium, just above the Cloaca Maxima, the slopes of the Palatine hill. It's an imposing structure built with blocks of marble with four pillars that support a cross vault and two rows of niches on each side once occupied by statues. In 2014 it produced a draft Arch intervention, participating in the competition for the World Monuments Watch in 2016, starting from the study of interventions on the monument in years. On this occasion it is also in-depth analysis of the various phases of transformation of the Arch and the demolition of the top floor, which occurred around 1827, perhaps because they believed the medieval improperly. The restoration of the Arch, after winning the World Monuments Watch in 2016, was included in the World Monuments Fund funding programs which could start in 2016, thanks to Amex funds, in parallel with funding from the Superintendence of Archaeological Heritage in Rome, the restoration of the exterior architectural surfaces of the west elevation, the relief of the monument and the study of coverage and the architectural structure (see section ""Stone materials and stuccoes""). The restoration is ongoing. (Photo by E.Fontolan)
Arco di Giano - Roma

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