Temple of Khonsu project - Luxor - Egypt

The study project of the temple of Khonsu at Karnak, in Luxor, was carried out on behalf of the American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE) and the Egyptian Antiquities Organization on the wall paintings of six rooms. The report is divided in two sections: the first concerns the history of temple construction, the investigation of material and technique, an assessment of causes of degradation and resultant effects on the surface. Cleaning and reinforcement tests have enacted upon specific sections of the surface which were considered significant to the state of preservation of the paintings. These steps contributed towards a sound methodology of intervention. The second part of the report concerns the compilation of technical data sheets about each wall in the individual rooms, with a mapping of apparent degradation. Summarizing all the information for each room in attached pages. Upon completion of the phase of analysis, room 12 was restored and all the fragments at risk of collapsing in all rooms were determined (see “Wall Painting” page).
(Photo ARCE, Graphic documentation Associatimodus s.c.r.l.)
Temple of Khonsu - Luxor - Egypt

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