Domus Tiberiana - Rome

The Domus Tiberiana complex stands on the western slope of the Palatine Hill archaeological area in Rome. We restored the frescoes of a domus of the Republican area, on the Farnese Bastion, which date back to the I-II centuries A. D and were only recently discovered. When the Domus was discovered, the decorated vault of one room that had collapsed was fount lying on the ground. The frescoes on the vault and on the walls of the other rooms where covered in a light layer of lime. Scientific analyses and studies revealed that this layer dated to the Roman period. Our intervention consisted in removing this layer and in completely restoring the fescoes as well as mounting fragments of the frescoes from the collapsed vault on mobile supports. (sse also section ""Supports and applications"")
(Photo by E. Fontolan)
Domus Tiberiana - Rome

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