Cavalier D'Arpino - Trinità dei Monti - Rome

The western gallery in the cloister of the convent of Trinità dei Monti in Rome displays a fresco and stuccoes made by Cavalier D’Arpino around 1585 and a vault that was painted in later times. The cloister went through several restorative interventions over the centuries, such as overpainting of the tondi with the busts of the Kings of France and the implementation of many iron nails as supportive reinforcement. The fresco by Cavalier D’Arpino had suffered serious damage due to the collapse of large portions of plaster and endured several treatments with oil-based varnishes which corroded over the years making the painted surface completely illegible. Our intervention (see CV attached) pertained to the fresco and the vault in the north-western corner of the cloister.
(Photo by P. Soriani)
Cavalier D'Arpino- Trinità dei Monti - Rome

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