Museum house of Goethe - Rome

The Museum House of Goethe in Rome, is located in Via del Corso 18, opposite the Rondanini Palace. From 1786 until 1788, Goethe sojourned in the apartment on the first floor. His and other neighbouring apartments became the Museum House of Goethe after large scale reconstruction work, which impacted all the painted wooden ceilings of the house as well. A conservative surface and structural restoration (see page “Panel and Canvas Paintings”) was carried out on the wooden ceilings of the rooms and their decorations. Afterwards, an environmental monitoring system allowing controlled climatization and humidification was installed in the museum, in order to prevent damage to the paintings such as lifting and collapse of paint. Unfortunately, damages unrelated to museum managing, that were due to improper use in an apartment on the upper floors, caused water infiltrations over the years and mechanical damage to the ceilings, which required in-depth maintenance work.
(Photo by P.Soriani)
Museum house of Goethe - Rome

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