Villa Minelli - Treviso

The restorative intervention on the frescoes, painted wooden ceilings, and two paintings on canvas and panel in the complex of Villa Minelli in Ponzano Veneto (Treviso) was carried out between 1991 and 1999 (see webpage “Wall Paintings” and “Canvas and Panel Paintings”). The complex hosts representative offices, halls used continuously, and HVAC systems which require continued maintenance over the years in order to monitor the condition of the artworks. The painted wooden ceilings and the altar piece of the Chapel were also monitored, as works of art made on wood suffer from its natural movement and need to be checked for possible lifting of paint film. This process of assessment and monitoring was extended for about ten years on the canvas painting and the frescoes displayed inside and outside the Villa.
(Photo by M. Cardinali, B. De Ruggeri and P. Soriani)
Villa Minelli - Treviso

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