Temple of Portunus project - Rome

In 1999 has commenced an assessment of the architectural surfaces, the frescoes and the structure of the Temple of Portunus. The first study phase included the external cornice of the front which looks over the river Tevere, and the internal frescoes on the western side of the temple. This analysis comprised of photographic documentation, assessment of the original construction materials and their condition, targeted investigations, and final paper to present relief and mapping of the current phenomena of deterioration. In 2004 an intervention project was presented on the basis of 1999 assessment study, and new results from later assessments. The project participated in the contest for the World Monument Watch 2004. In 2004 this Project won The World Monument Watch, in 2006 it has been included in the funding programs of the World Monument Fund and the Soprintendenza Speciale ai Beni Archeologici di Roma. These fundings enabled the restoration of external and internal architectural surfaces in tufa, travertine and stucco and of the internal frescos. (see “Projects”, “Wall paintings”, “Stacchi e supporti”).
In 2013 the temple won the First International Prize for the Enhancement of the Cultural Heritage, the Italian Heritage Award for the archaeological restorations.
(Photo by P.Soriani)
Temple of Portunus - Rome

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