Villa Spineda Loredan project - Montebelluna

The complex of Villa Spineda-Gasparini-Loredan lays at the bottom of the hills of Montello, in the village of Venegazzù of Volpago which is in the province of Treviso. Mattia Preti (1701-1774) and his pupil, Giovanni Miazzi (1698-1797), were held to be responsible for the project (see “Stone materials”) . In 1996, the complex was purchased by the Benetton Sport System, who requested a preliminary study project aimed at analyzing the state of preservation and original techniques for all the architectural surfaces of the central Villa, the two Barchesse at the sides, the small church, the stables and the surrounding wall. All of which were covered with “marmorino” plaster that was traditionally and historically used in Veneto. The study was extended to the statues and sculpture groups standing positioned on top of the buildings. The analysis included targeted scientific investigations and mapping of all the degradation of the surfaces along with reinforcement tests and surface treatment. A full restoration followed the conclusions of the study.
(Photo by A. Chemollo and F. Orsenigo; Graphic documentation by Associatimodus s.c.r.l.)
Villa Spineda Loredan project - Montebelluna

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